Welcome to Wreaths By Aoife and here’s the short(ish) version of how I ended up writing an “About Me” for my own website.

I make bespoke faux floral wreaths and luxury floral designs. All wreaths are handmade using the best quality faux flowers and wreath bases. Each wreath is an investment piece that will see you through each season for years to come. Flowers and colour are my passion and each and every wreath is made with impeccable attention to detail and the customer in mind.

Aoife- that’s me! I’m a fiancée, a mammy, creative creature, artistic thinker/doer and now, a faux flower designer. I’ve worked in the airline industry since my teens and if I’m being honest, it never really floated my boat. I’ve always been creative, love to paint and ran my own successful bakery for decorative cakes pre-motherhood. Sure, working for an airline allowed me to make the best friends and have envy-inducing holidays, even met my long-suffering partner and baby daddy Colin there but I longed for a creative outlet and a job I was passionate about. It was also so important for me to be there for my real boss and my sunshine, my daughter Lúsaí.

Speed forward to June 2020 and we are all knee-deep in a global bloody pandemic, my hours in work dwindled away to nothing and with a new house and our mortgage hanging over us I needed to do something and fast.

Like most people during lockdown number 500 we were painting anything that didn’t move and after giving the hall door a lick of paint I felt it needed some kerb appeal. So, I tried my hand making a faux flower summer wreath. Delighted with the end result I showed off my new door on my Instagram page in all its glory, as you do. I couldn’t have imagined the interest or what it sparked inside me.

I began making and selling wreaths to my family and friends and quickly realised the huge demand for faux floral seasonal wreaths. It was a miracle!!! I registered my business, set up social media pages and unbelievably my hobby became a roaring success exactly when my family needed it most.

Wreaths by Aoife has grown incredibly fast in its few months of business. I have been featured on the RTE website and app, on the RTE six one news, on virgin media Ireland AM and a few print media pieces including RSVP. It blows my mind the support I have received from friends, family and complete strangers. Out of such a worrying time, my dream job emerged and is going from strength to strength. I have so many ideas going forward that I’m worried my head might explode and I lie in bed at night brainstorming but to say I’m enjoying it is an understatement.

I am incredibly thankful for how people have embraced my pieces and feel they are worthy enough to invest in them. I hope you enjoy my online shop and thanks for dropping by.

Aoife x